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This Skill Set offers a comprehensive guide to brand management within the South African context. It highlights the brand manager’s pivotal role in strategy selection, design, sustainability, and auditing. The exploration extends to understanding brand equity, models, and methods for building brand value. Gain in-depth insights and practical knowledge essential for effective brand management in the dynamic South African market.

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As an institution that is responsive to changing student requirements in certain sectors of the market, we have introduced an online option offering shorter courses. These courses provide quick wins for busy professionals and can fast-track careers in a matter of weeks or months. Professionals can stay at the cutting edge of industry-relevant skills development, as they compete in the dynamic 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) job market. Like our distance courses, our online courses allow you to register at any time.  Studying is flexible and can be scheduled according to your needs.


12 Months


You can start studying this course at any time of the year as soon as you have completed your registration, you can get started. There are no specific registration dates!


This course contains a CourseBookTM, which is an innovative fusion of the traditional textbook and online course, combining quality educational content with an interactive, social learning experience to promote success. The course has been broken into three Study Phases:

  1. Study Phase 1 Quiz:
    • Introduction to brand management
    • The history and evolution of branding
    • Brand essence, positioning, and implementation
  2. Study Phase 2 Quiz:
    • The brand manager
    • Brand equity
    • Brand architecture, managing brand and product relationship
    • Managing and sustaining brands
  3. Study Phase 3 Quiz:
    • Brand audits
    • Corporate and political branding
    • Branding in South Africa

Work through the workbook. At the end of each Study Phase, there is a quiz to complete. You need to complete and pass each of the quizzes with a minimum of 70% to get a certificate. No restrictions on your attempts.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Master brand fundamentals, roles, and scope, distinguishing between brands and products, recognizing branding’s role in marketing and product differentiation.
  • Examine branding’s historical development, understanding its relevance and adaptation to social, economic, and technological changes.
  • Grasp core concepts of brand essence, image, identity, values, and positioning, implementing strategies for strong brand image and market position.
  • Understand the critical role of brand managers in strategy selection, brand awareness, value monitoring, and organizational alignment with brand vision.
  • Delve into brand equity concepts, using models to measure brand assets, strengths, values, and building and tracking brand equity.
  • Navigate brand architecture and relationships, employing strategies for various brand types, co-branding, and understanding new brand strategy trends.
  • Develop a visionary approach for brands, aligning core values with stakeholders, and anticipating trends for brand sustainability and growth.
  • Acquire skills in performing brand audits to assess and refine brand strategies, inventory, and stakeholder perspectives for success.
  • Specialize in managing corporate and political brands, developing strategies for identity, reputation, social responsibility, and political branding challenges.
  • Tailor brand management to the South African market, analyzing local culture, growth phases, and distinctive characteristics for effective management.

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