The student, applicant, account/fee payer, lawful guardian and/or sponsor will herein collectively be referred to as the “Student”. Upon acceptance to Oxbridge Academy Online, the Student shall be jointly and separately liable for the fulfilment of all terms of the agreement.

Oxbridge Academy Online reserves the right to cancel a Student’s registration without having to give a reason for such cancellation. Students who are on monthly payment plans will not and cannot claim any refund if Oxbridge Academy Online cancels their registration, since the monthly payments are for the availability and/or delivery of items and tuition up to the end of the current month for which the Student has paid. If Oxbridge Academy Online chooses to cancel the registration of a Student who has paid for the course in advance, such a Student is not entitled to a refund.

In the event of any Student desiring to terminate his/her studies, for any reason whatsoever, this shall not absolve the Student from full liability for the payment of fees and any other charges and shall be dealt with in accordance to the cancellation and refund policy. The Student’s failure to make progress with his/her studies, or to complete a programme of study, for whatever reason, shall in no way entitle him/her to a reduction in fees, nor will it absolve him/her from full liability for the payment of fees and other charges.

No cancellation of this contract shall be of force or effect without written consent thereto by an authorised office of Oxbridge Academy Online.

The right to tuition and examinations is not transferable.

The Student hereby accepts that Oxbridge Academy Online shall have the right to vary the course syllabus at any time, without prior notification and without furnishing reasons. Oxbridge Academy Online shall have the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel any course or subject initially advertised and offered on the basis of insufficient demand.

In the event of the signatories to this agreement, other than Oxbridge Academy Online, having completed this form incorrectly or the payment details herein not being in accordance with the requirements of Oxbridge Academy Online, such incorrect information or payment details shall be deemed to have been amended so as to be in accordance with the requirements of Oxbridge Academy Online, without further notice.

Oxbridge Academy Online shall be deemed to include any division of Oxbridge Academy Online or any other juristic person to whom the rights and obligations of Oxbridge Academy Online, as contained herein, may be ceded and/or assigned.



  • For an organisation: The contracting party (the organisation) hereby warrants to Oxbridge Academy Online that the signatory (representing the organisation) has the required legal capacity to enter into, and be bound by, these terms and conditions. The organisation accepts all the terms and conditions of the entire agreement.
  • For an individual: I hereby declare that there is no legal impediment to my concluding this agreement and that I am legally bound to this contract and accept all the terms and conditions of the entire agreement.



Oxbridge Academy Online will only correspond and deal with the Student. Oxbridge Academy Online will not enter into correspondence with any person or any organisation representing the Student, except for the Ombudsman, a parent or legal guardian (only in the case where the Student is a minor), a person representing a relevant accrediting body or institute, or the Student’s lawyer.

Oxbridge Academy Online will specifically not engage in further servicing, communicating or corresponding with a Student once that Student has cancelled his/her registration or has had his/her registration cancelled by Oxbridge Academy Online. The cancellation process brings to an end the relationship between Oxbridge Academy Online and the Student.



I undertake to notify Oxbridge Academy Online, in writing, of any changes in my contact details, including but not limited to my business, postal or residential addresses, my home, work or cell phone number(s), and my email address, within 7 (seven) days of such changes.



I choose the address as disclosed during the registration process as my domicilium citandi et executandi for all purposes arising from this agreement.



The Student is responsible for ensuring that he/she is registered on the correct course and that he/she adheres to the latest and correct entrance criteria. Oxbridge Academy Online will not accept Students who do not adhere to the entrance criteria for the courses they registered on. Oxbridge Academy Online will cancel the registration of Students who registered without adhering to the entrance criteria for their chosen courses.



  1. Registration fees

A non-refundable registration fee is payable if fees are to be paid in monthly instalments. The registration fee represents an initial deposit and contributes towards the activation of your course.

  1. Programme fees

The Student takes responsibility for the payment of all fees and other charges due to Oxbridge Academy Online. The programme fees exclude external institute membership fees.

The Student agrees to be liable for all costs of debt recovery, including professional fees and collection commission.

In the event of any fees due by the Student being unpaid on the due date, the full balance of such fees remaining unpaid shall become immediately due and payable. The Student will not receive progress reports or certificates of completion unless the account is paid up in full.

A Student who has failed academically shall not receive any reimbursement of their tuition fee.

Once the recommended period of study has passed, the Student is required to apply and pay for an extension to complete his/her studies.

  1. Extension Fees

If the learner does not complete the course within the period specified, the learner will be required to apply and pay for an extension to complete his/her studies. A fee of R850 is payable upon application for extension.

No extensions will be granted for courses that have been discontinued and are no longer offered by Oxbridge Academy Online.



The registration fee represents an initial deposit and contributes towards the activation of your course. A cooling off period of 7 (seven) days will apply in line with Section 44 of ECTA whereby an online consumer has the right to cancel the online purchase within 7 days of receiving the goods or services without reason or penalty.

If a Student is not satisfied with the services delivered by Oxbridge Academy Online, the Student may request cancellation. The Student should send and request receipt of a signed letter to a person authorised by Oxbridge Academy Online to cancel registration in terms of this online contract.

Oxbridge Academy Online may retain the following amounts as a reasonable cancellation fee, and the Student warrants that he/she understands the meaning of a reasonable cancellation fee as set out in Section 14 of the CPA, and that he/she understands that Oxbridge Academy Online has agreed these to be reasonable for the purpose of Section 14(3)(b)9i), to cover its administrative and other costs:

Within 30 days from date of registration The amount below must be paid and will not be refunded: 15% of the contract amount.
After 30 days from date of registration The amount below must be paid and will not be refunded: 100% of the contract amount.



Oxbridge Academy Online reserves the right to use the Student’s information to provide the necessary materials to the Student and to perform our obligations and enforce our rights under this agreement.

This agreement is subject to acceptance by Oxbridge Academy Online. This agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the Parties.



  1. Oxbridge Academy Online may, at any time, request copies of my recent pay slips and bank statements.
  2. Should I fail to make any payment I owe, the full amount of the balance I owe shall become immediately payable. Oxbridge Academy Online shall be entitled to proceed against me for recovery without further notice.
  3. If I am in arrears or if legal action is instituted, I agree to pay all legal costs, including the charges between attorney and client, collection charges, tracing costs and commission.
  4. I consent in terms of Section 65J of the Magistrate’s Court Act No 32 of 1944 to an emoluments attachment order to be issued, without further notice to me, from the court of the district in which my employer resides, carries on business, or is employed, and that the amount of the emoluments be attached in instalments as reflected in my agreement with Oxbridge Academy Online.
  5. Oxbridge Academy Online may send me related marketing material.
  6. By agreeing to be responsible for the student fees and/or registering as a student at Oxbridge Academy Onlinep, I give Oxbridge Academy Online permission to:
    a) Contact any credit bureaus or other credit providers to request information regarding my credit worthiness.
    b) Release information with regards to my payment history with Oxbridge Academy Online to any of the credit bureaus.
    c) Contact any referrals to confirm my information.
    d) Cede this agreement.

We, the undersigned, declare that the information in this application is complete and correct. We authorise Oxbridge Academy Online to verify information contained in this application form and make any other enquiries that may be necessary.

We understand that if any part of it is found to be incomplete, false or misleading, Oxbridge Academy Online may cancel this registration.

I, the undersigned Applicant/Student, undertake to abide by the policies and rules of Oxbridge Academy Online.

I, the undersigned Parent/Guardian, give permission to the above-mentioned Applicant/Student to enrol at Oxbridge Academy Online.

I hereby agree that I have read and understood these terms and conditions.

I agree that by signing up, along with providing my personal identifying information contained in the electronic form submitted with these agreed-upon terms, that I am entering this contract and I understand this action to be legally binding.

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