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Digital Marketing


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This Digital Marketing course is approved for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes by The Marketing Association of South Africa. Designated marketers can claim 15 Marketing CPD points on relevant proof of attendance. Certificate of completion to be loaded onto MarkEdonline to claim CPD points.

The MASA Professional Body CPD Content Provider Number for Oxbridge Academy Online is: MA OX 22001.

This 10-week online short course in Digital Marketing will introduce you to the exciting world of digital (online) marketing, including content marketing, search marketing, digital push marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and affiliate marketing.
The purpose of this course is to introduce people who are studying digital marketing for the first time to the dynamic and popular customer-focused field of marketing known as digital marketing. You will explore digital marketing strategies, as well as digital development and the different digital channels.
If you are curious about current marketing trends, and, if you are considering a career in marketing, then this course will provide you with a valuable and interesting introduction to digital marketing, what it is being used for, and how it has completely changed the ‘face’ of marketing.

Each of the five modules in this course should take you no more than two weeks (14 days) to complete, and the course in total should take you 10 weeks to complete.

You can start studying this course at any time of the year — as soon as you have completed your registration, you can get started. There are no specific registration dates!

This online short course in Digital Marketing consists of 5 modules:

  1. Introducing digital media and digital marketing
  2. Digital marketing strategy, development and digital channels
  3. Content, search and digital push marketing
  4. Social media, video and affiliate marketing
  5. Big data

There are two types of assessment in this online short course:

  • Formative assessments at the end of each of the five modules
  • One final summative assessment, at the end of the course, once you have worked through all five modules
Once you have completed this online short course, you will have been introduced to and have a fundamental-level understanding of some of the main principles and practices of:

  • Digital media and digital marketing
  • Digital marketing strategies, development and digital channels
  • Content, search and digital push marketing
  • Social media, video and affiliate marketing
  • Big data

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