This online short course in Java will give you a foundation of knowledge that you can build on if you wish to develop entry level IT skills. It will also test your ability to apply your knowledge and skills prior to entering the testing environment. Its aim is to adequately prepare you for taking the certification exam.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to Java application in order to construct and evaluate code for various purposes. You will cover the following topics:

  • Java Fundamentals
  • Data Types, Variables, and Expressions
  • Flow Control Implementation
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Code Compilation and Debugging

As you work through your course material in your own free time, you can pace your studies and determine how quickly you want to progress. As a standard measure, you will have access to the online student portal for a period of 12 months from your date of registration.


You can start studying this course at any time of the year — there are no specific registration dates! Once you have completed your registration, you will receive your login credentials with 3-5 business days and can start your studies.


This online short course consists of five modules. The course objectives are:

  • Java Fundamentals

    • Describe the use of main in a Java application
    • Perform basic input and output using standard packages
    • Evaluate the scope of a variable
    • Comment and document programs
  • Data Types, Variables, and Expressions

    • Declare and use primitive data type variables
    • Construct and evaluate code that manipulates strings
    • Construct and evaluate code that creates, iterates, and manipulates arrays and array lists
    • Construct and evaluate code that performs parsing, casting, and conversion
    • Construct and evaluate arithmetic expressions
  • Flow Control Implementation

    • Construct and evaluate code that uses branching statements
    • Construct and evaluate code that uses loops
  • Object-Oriented Programming

    • Construct and evaluate class definitions
    • Declare, implement, and access data members in classes
    • Declare, implement, and access methods
    • Instantiate and use class objects in programs
  • Code Compilation and Debugging

    • Troubleshoot syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors
    • Implement exception handling

Your knowledge and skills will be tested by means of online performance-based assessments and practice questions. These tools will help prepare you for the certification exam by testing your ability to apply your knowledge.


Once you have completed this online short course you should be adequately prepared to take the Java certification exam via Certiport.

This certification forms part of the Information Technology Specialist program.

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