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This 4-week online short course in Courageous Conversations will introduce you to techniques involves in engaging in conversations that could be seen as difficult or uncomfortable.

This course aims to give you the knowledge and skills needed to achieve the desired outcomes within diverse discussions.
The course covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to courageous conversations
  • Approaching a courageous conversation
  • Creating shared meaning in a conversation
  • Turning courageous conversations into actions

Each of the four modules in this course should take you no more than one week (7 days) to complete, and the course in total should take you four weeks to complete.


You can start studying this course at any time of the year — as soon as you have completed your registration, you can get started. There are no specific registration dates!


This short course consists of four modules and two units for each module:
Module 1: Introduction to Courageous Conversations

  • Unit 1: Fundamentals of courageous conversations
  • Unit 2: Characteristics of courageous conversations

Module 2: Approaching a courageous conversation

  • Unit 1: Techniques for starting a courageous conversation
  • Unit 2: Navigating self-awareness

Module 3: Creating shared meaning in a conversation

  • Unit 1: An action plan towards shared understanding
  • Unit 2: Self-evaluation techniques

Module 4: Turning courageous conversations into actions

  • Unit 1: Dialogues and decision-making
  • Unit 2: Applied tools and techniques

Each of the four modules are divided into two units (Unit A and Unit B), and so in total there are eight units to complete. The units are easy to understand and work through, and we will be by your side every step of the way to guide you through the course.
Once you have completed the two units for each module, you will be able to achieve that module’s outcomes.


You will be required to complete short continuous assessments at the end of each module for this short course.


Once you have completed the online short course in Courageous Conversations you will be able to:

  • Determine the various characteristics of courageous conversations.
  • Discuss the extent to which you have control over their emotions when experiencing an Amygdala Hijack and the impact that it can have on a courageous conversation.
  • Apply various practical techniques when approaching a courageous conversation.
  • Identify behaviour that is justified and know how to change this type of behaviour with limiting emotions to lead to beneficial dialogue.
  • Apply specific listening and speaking tools and techniques for difficult conversations.
  • Measure your own behaviour during tough conversations to become aware of possible habits which can be changed with the practical techniques.
  • Apply techniques for effective decision-making within a team.
  • Apply consulting and voting decision-making methods.

You will receive a Certificate of Competence from Oxbridge Academy Online.

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