Human Resource Management: An Introduction


Deepen your grasp of contemporary Strategic Human Resource Management. This course centres on virtual workplaces, emphasizing job descriptions, payroll, and shift management. Acquire applied competencies to craft effective HR strategies. Elevate your skills for navigating modern workplace challenges.

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As an institution that is responsive to changing student requirements in certain sectors of the market, we have introduced an online option offering shorter courses. These courses provide quick wins for busy professionals and can fast-track careers in a matter of weeks or months. Professionals can stay at the cutting edge of industry-relevant skills development, as they compete in the dynamic 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) job market. Like our distance courses, our online courses allow you to register at any time.  Studying is flexible and can be scheduled according to your needs.


12 Months


You can start studying this course at any time of the year as soon as you have completed your registration, you can get started. There are no specific registration dates!


Study Phase 1: Quiz 1

  • An Introduction to Human Resource Management
  • Strategizing, structuring, and planning
  • Recruiting potential employees
  • Selection and appointment of an employee
  • Onboarding and retention

Study Phase 2: Quiz 2

  • Managing the performance of employees
  • Compensation management
  • Health and safety in an organisation
  • Career management

Study Phase 3: Quiz 3

  • Leadership and Management
  • Employment relations
  • Structures created by the LRA for collective bargaining and dispute resolution

Work through the workbook. At the end of each Study Phase, there is a quiz to complete. You need to complete and pass each of the quizzes with a minimum of 70% to get a certificate. No restrictions on your attempts.


1. Understand and describe the concept of human resource management, providing an overview of its function within an organisation.
2. Compare personnel management and HRM, identifying the influences of other disciplines on human resource management.
3. Outline HR roles in South Africa for the 21st century and beyond, listing the competencies required for a human resource manager.
4. Distinguish between different HR professional bodies in South Africa, understanding their roles and significance.
5. Demonstrate an appreciation of organisational and functional relationships, describing the integration of HRM with line management.
6. Explain the human resource planning process, including succession planning and its importance for organisational success.
7. Describe various organisational structures and discuss their merits and demerits in different contexts.
8. Conduct job analysis and job design processes, outlining techniques and understanding their advantages and disadvantages.
9. Illustrate how HRM effectiveness is assessed in organisations, applying this knowledge to real-world HR scenarios.
10. Identify and relate key HR strategies to business strategies, ensuring alignment for organisational effectiveness.

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